Obstacle courses in the trees

Obstacle courses in the trees

Suspended between sky and earth, surrounded by nature, try a tree top adventure. 4 courses with a continuous safety line and 6 zip lines test your agility while being watched by donkeys. It’s not always easy to monkey about !

Practical informations:

  • Self-attachment safety system ensuring complete safety with a continuous lifeline for all participants
  • Course accessible to all over 110 cm in height
  • Long 189 metre zip-line
  • Duration : 2h00 - 2h30


New : A new course for more fun and difficulties.

Quick Jump

Quick jump

Defy gravity on the end of a wire, drop through the air before landing softly on a platform 13 metres below: guaranteed excitement with the Quick Jump, a free fall structure in complete safety.

  • Minimal weight : 30 kg
  • Included in the entrance fees

Climbing Wall

Climbing wall

Climbing wall with self-belay enabling to evolve vertically in total security.

  • 13 meters high
  • Included in the entrance fee



It’s a long way to Tipperary; it’s a long way to go...  Had enough of long hikes? Hop on an all terrain scooter for the ride of your life ! Race back down to the village using the rough mountain roads.

  • Departure from Crêt du Midi from 12 years old
  • Departure from the middle station Sigeroulaz from 10 years old


  • It is forbidden to be two or more people on one scooter
  • Only the marked out road is allowed (forbidden to go down the ski slopes)
  • Children under 18 y.o. must show a parental autorisation

Sunrise at Crêt du Midi

The sun awaits you at Crêt du Midi.

Admire the splendors of the rising sun and enjoy an hearty breakfast. Then, make the most of the rest of the day in the beautiful surroundings of the mountain.


Meeting point at the start of the cable car :

Coming dates



Adults / Seniors / Youth

CHF 35.-

Children (below 12 years old)

CHF 25.-



  • Online: www.vercosoleil.ch,
  • By phone : +41 27 452 29 00,
  • By email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The round-trip ticket Vercorin - Crêt du Midi can also be used for the Grimentz - Bendolla cable-car, validity one day.

Marmot trail

Marmotte trail

Just a couple of strides away from the Crêt-du-Midi restaurant, where strips of flowered grassland decorate the rocks, charming balls of fur are watching your arrival. The marmot trail, which winds down across alpine meadows and through forest clearings, reveals the world of this iconic alpine mammal. Punctuated by stop off points with information and games, it allows you to pace yourself gently down to Sigeroulaz, the starting point for the Adventure Forest.

  • Not accessible with a stroller
  • Good shoes recommended
  • 1h30 to 2h00 of walk

Pedestrian itineraries

Pedestrian itineraries

From the Crêt du Midi or from Sigeroulaz, various marked routes enable the stroller to discover wonderful alpine landscapes submitted to changing reflections.

For a few hours to a few days, the mountainous area of the Vallon de Réchy invites to stroll. Closed by rocky crests, the pastures spread harmoniously. In the heart of the valley flows lazily a river next to which it is ideal to have a picnic.

The Zachéo Trail: a thrilling brain-teasing journey !

Unleash the adventurer in you to take on mythical creatures from local legends. Knights, ghosts and bears will be waiting for you to test your courage, your observational skills and your insight. Come and challenge your memory through the puzzles prepared by Remoras, reminiscent of the escape games. Various trials await you in the forest of Planards above Sigeroulaz.

A wild forest path marked out by Zachéo, mostly away from the hiking trails. Duration of the activity: 2h30-3h00, half of which includes actual walking.

Departure and return at the reception desk of “Forêt Adventures”.

Equipment provided :

A map of the trail,

A road map with the different positions and the tests to be performed

A pencil

To take with you :

Good shoes


Forêt Aventures - CH 3967 Vercorin - Tél. +41 27 452 29 00 - info@foretaventure.ch

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